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  • How much does a yearly membership cost?
    Take a look through our memberships page to see our yearly rates.
  • Some of my coworkers and I want to sign up for yearly memberships. Do we qualify for a discount?
    We offer a one-year corporate rate of $525 +tax per person when five or more employees from the same company pay upfront for their memberships. All five employees must be at the gym at the same time to sign up and pay in full to qualify for this rate.
  • Going to the gym is new to me and I don't want to commit to a full year just yet. What other options do I have?
    We have a range of passes and memberships available — from one-week passes to full-year memberships. Take a look through our memberships page for a listing of everything we offer and decide what would work best for you.
  • How do I know when classes will be happening in the OID Room?
    You can view the OID Room schedule here. We also post this schedule to our Instagram story every week, and it is posted outside the OID Room at the gym.
  • Can I use the OID Room when a class is taking place?
    Of course! But please remember to be respectful of the class' space if you are.
  • I noticed something at the gym was broken or not working properly. Should I have told someone?
    Yes! If there is a staff member on hand, never hesitate to bring the issue to their attention. If you notice something during non-staffed hours, either send us an email, DM us on Instagram or Facebook, or give us a call during staffed hours.
  • Do you sell supplements?
    We sure do. Check out the Pro Shop next time you're at the gym for our current selection.
  • I think I lost something at your gym. Do you have a lost and found I could look through?
    Yes! Our lost and found tub is in the front area by the shoe rack.
  • I love the power balls you sell! Where can I get the recipe?
    We won't be sharing the power ball recipe anytime soon... But they're only $3 for 2 power balls! So keep purchasing some on your way out :)
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