We offer a variety of memberships and passes for all ages. Browse through our options below to see what you qualify for and what would work best for your lifestyle.

All prices listed are per-person and exclude tax unless otherwise indicated.

Please note yearly members receive a 25% discount off all supplements, Olympia clothing and boxes of protein bars from our Pro Shop once per month!



Anyone who is not a student and does not qualify for couple / family or senior memberships.


“Family” refers to immediate family living in the same household. At least one family member must already have a membership for other family members to qualify. If no one in the family has a membership, all family members must sign up at the same time for this rate.


People aged 65 and older.


Students must show proof of enrollment at time of purchase. Online classes do not qualify.


Five or more employees from the same company who register for a one-year membership, paid upfront in full, all at the same time.