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Leading a healthy lifestyle involves more than making it to your workout. We offer a range of services to help you prioritize all aspects of your fitness.


Lonee Personal Trainer Olympia In Depth Weyburn

Lonee Cochrane

306 - 861 - 1438

Lonee is a Certified Fitness Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, having completed her education through the International Sports Sciences Association. After being heavily involved in athletics since elementary school, Lonee realized that fitness and sports are indeed her passion, and chose to pursue a career in that area.

Lonee is passionate about getting people moving and engaged in their health – whether it’s the gym regular or the person that has never lifted a weight. A great part of healthy living involves following a healthy diet, and her qualifications as a nutrition coach offer another level of support to clients. Whether you seek long-term support in the gym, have a specific race in mind, or are looking to clean up your diet and lifestyle, Lonee is happy to help.


Franki Nault

306 - 861 - 4540

Franki is a certified personal trainer having completed her education through National Academy of Sports Medicine. In addition to completing her CPT certification, Franki is currently working toward adding Group Personal Training Specialist and Women's Fitness Specialist to her qualifications. 

Franki found her love of fitness and weight training through a group training class right here at Olympia roughly 8 years ago and has been an active member at the gym ever since! Most recently as an athlete and competitor with the Olympia In Depth Powerlifting team.

She has a passion for lifting and her goal as a personal trainer and instructor is to instill confidence in women of all fitness levels to become comfortable to set foot in the weight room and continue on a lifestyle of building strength for their long term health.

Corrie Personal Trainer Olympia In Depth Weyburn

Corrie Schultz

306 - 861 - 8393

Corrie has worked in the fitness industry for over 25 years and has taught clients in various areas of fitness, including Stott Pilates, aerobics, and strength and flexibility classes. Corrie has also furthered her learning in the Arthritis Society’s Twinges and Hinges water program and Heart & Stroke’s Heart to Heart program, fitness assessments, postural assessments and Scientific Back Strengthening. She also worked with the Sun Country Health Region where she developed a workplace health program.

Over Corrie’s years of working with people, her passion has become focused more on rehabilitation. She believes that keeping our muscles 'in balance' is one of the best things we can do to live a healthy, active life.



Our Pro Shop offers a selection of clothing, supplements and accessories to amp up your gym experience. Brands we carry include Sask Fit, Rivalus and Inner Strength Products.


Check in often as our selection frequently changes!


The Pro Shop is open during staffed hours.



The OID Room is a favourite feature of the gym among our members. A big, open space dedicated to interval training, stretching, powerlifting and just about anything else you need to pursue your goals, we consider the OID Room to be a highlight of our facility.

All classes offered at Olympia take place in the OID Room. Check out the schedule here, on our Instagram stories or posted just in front of the OID Room every week to see when the room is in use!



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